[Asterisk-Users] Having problems with Agents and calls going to voicemail

Aaron J. Angel aaron at angel-family.com
Thu Jun 17 20:48:47 MST 2004

asterisk-users-admin at lists.digium.com wrote:
> Matthew Koch [asterisk at house-o-love.com] wrote:
>> When I have 2 users logged in as Agents (using
>> AgentCallbackLogin) they will both ring when a new call comes in.
>> If, for instance, one of the users makes an outgoing call and a new
>> call comes in, the caller will get sent directly to that agents busy
>> voicemail message.
> I really think this is a kludgy way to do it though, and
> would rather see a ${DSTCHANNEL} variable or the likes.  Now
> that I'm curious, I just might delve into the code and see how to do
> that... 

Of course now that I look at it that won't solve the problem.  If it's
really necessary for an agent to have voicemail on the same extension used
to take incoming ACD calls, I guess for now the only way to "fix" it would
be to turn voicemail off when logging in, or to use that context
trick...unless anyone else has any ideas?

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