[Asterisk-Users] Re: Welltech FXO: initial tests

Jorge Mendoza mendoza at tcc.com.pe
Thu Jun 17 13:15:03 MST 2004


Claudio.loletti wrote:
> Hi Jorge!
> Our application rom version is 4fxosip.102
> boot version is boot.104
> I think we need to upgrade the app rom to version 103.
> I get into welltech ftp server and found a file called 
> 4fxosipN2004_05_17.BIN. Do you know if that is the last version for the 
> 3804?

As far as I know the last application version is 4sipfxo.103. You will 
need as well: 2m4sipfxo.103.

> I solved some of the problems I had.
> 1. I can call between the 2 phones with and without reinvite.
> 2. I can call from SIP to pstn

> If I call from pstn, the 3804 answer and it dials extension 9 as 
> specified in the bureau table, but it annot dial any internal extension.
> I hope to solve this last prob with the firmware upgrade
I don't think so. Your problem is configuration. It works for us in all 
firmware versions.

> Many thanks for you help
> Best Regards
> Claudio Loletti

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