[Asterisk-Users] Re: SJphone regestration problem - Help!

Rui ruixunwu at yahoo.ca
Thu Jun 17 12:30:30 MST 2004

Thanks for your time, Ty Purcell,
Yes, it's just as you said, when I create a new profile, it opens a 
window with the fields(Proxy Domain,Account,Password,CallerID). but it 
doesn't let me to input value to these fields. I don't what's the matter.

does anybody know how to deal with it?


Ty Purcell wrote:
> Rui,
> Create a profile (I've used both Simple SIP and calls through SIP),
> then click on it.  This should enable the "Initialize" button.
> It opens a window with the fields:
> Proxy Domain
> Account
> Password
> CallerID
> I am using SJPHone on windows however.  Look around in your Linux SJphone
> for the initialize option.
>>In SJphone "Options->Profiles", when I new create a profile, no matter 
>>what Profile type I selected(there three type:Direct SIP Calls, Simple 
>>SIP proxy, Calls through SIP Proxy), in the SIP tab,  there are only 
>>four settings I can set.
>>Use local outbound proxy - checked.
>>Proxy IP Address:
>>Caller ID: sip:markspc at
>>Register - checked.
>>Account: markspc
>>Password blank.

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