[Asterisk-Users] 911 emergency service and VoIP

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at backtobasicsmgmt.com
Thu Jun 17 11:07:53 MST 2004

John Fraizer wrote:

> Your telco really can't *prevent* you from doing PS/ALI.  They don't 
> have to make it easy though.  Even with PS/ALI, the same database is 
> updated.  It's just you doing the update vs the telco doing it.  Doing 
> things the "Right Way" TM isn't always easy but, in the end, it is going 
> to be the best.  Getting set up to do PS/ALI isn't free either but, when 
> you can tell your customers that they will have E911 service vs simple 
> 911 -> non-emergency number mapping, it gives you a sales advantage.  If 
> your telco doesn't want to (1) Update the ALI records as you request or 
> (2) Provide you with a PS/ALI mechanism, I suggest that you get your 
> public utilities commission involved in the loop.

I must have misspoke, or you misunderstood... my telco is happy to help 
me get set up for PS/ALI. In fact, that's the only method they've 
offered for me to be able to do E911 from my VOIP termination service 
(which is not yet installed <G>). What they will _not_ do is manage the 
ALI information for my PRI line(s) and DID numbers, except at 
installation and service-move time only. I personally don't blame them 
one bit for this position; if they can help me get set up for PS/ALI, 
that's the best solution for all concerned.

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