[Asterisk-Users] Cost of IP Phones, or Isn't It Just Software?

Nik Martin nmartin at radiancetech.com
Wed Jun 16 13:54:16 MST 2004

> Well, yes, you're sort-of dreaming.
> The trick is not designing the hardware or the software - anyone with
> $100k (or much, much less) and the right engineers can get something
> working to the point where it is ready to be produced.
> You will hit the wall with:
>    - finding reliable suppliers of manufacturing technology

>    - finding enough money for cash "float" during the sales cycle
>    - finding enough money for marketing "float" during sales cycle
These two points are sticking points with investors of ANY type (banks,
venture, angels).  They don't like giving working capital out, because
there's nothing to show for it, or if you go belly up, there's nothing to
re-possess and sell.

>    - finding adequate sales channels
>    - compensating your sales channels

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