[Asterisk-Users] Cost of IP Phones, or Isn't It Just Software?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at backtobasicsmgmt.com
Wed Jun 16 13:18:40 MST 2004

John Todd wrote:

> failed companies run by engineers.  Selling direct is a limited market; 
> there are only so many Asterisk home users that you can advertise to via 
> the mailing lists.  :-)

I think there are enough of us resellers/consultants around here to make 
a very viable business for a decent phone product; if the Virbiage FT102 
IAX phone was available (and reliable) right now at the price listed on 
their web site, I could sell 50 in the next week, and plenty more after 

Same goes for the Sayson 480i, although it's a little more expensive, 
it's still a far better product (or will be :-)) than anything else at 
or below its price. If it was available, I'd be selling them immediately.

As it stands today, the least expensive multi-line appearance SIP or IAX 
phone available in the US is the Polycom SoundPoint IP 500, which is a 
nice phone, but not cheap ($240 or so), and Polycom doesn't really cater 
to those of us who aren't buying from their "solution providers". There 
is a _huge_ market for a decent, 2/4 line appearance business class 
SIP/IAX phone (with G.729 support) for under $200US, and whoever gets 
there first is going to have a quick return on their efforts.

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