[Asterisk-Users] Problems with Call Forwarding on a 7960

micke at party.pp.se micke at party.pp.se
Wed Jun 16 03:16:47 MST 2004


I have a problem with call forwarding.

When I call forward I need to forward the call with the callerid on the
called phone, not the callers.

How do I do this in a smart way ?


    -- Called xxxxxxxx89
    -- Got SIP response 302 "Moved Temporarily" back from x.x.x.248
    -- Now forwarding SIP/dcs-681c to '018005551212 at default' (thanks to
    -- Executing Dial("Local/018005551212 at default-74aa,2",
"SIP/018005551212 at provider") in new stack
Here I need to do a setcallerid with the called extension, cause
otherwise I am not allowed to call out. How do I do this only when the
7960 is forwarded ?


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