[Asterisk-Users] ASTERISK V. SER

usedcanon usedcanon at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 15 13:47:52 MST 2004

I think I do agree with your assessment that *BSD are more stable that
linux, no disrespect meant to linux as I think it is wonderful in its own

What version of FreeBSD ? BSD you are using ? I am looking to build an
athlon 64 server soon and am wondering if FreeBSD would be a better option.


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Usedcanon wrote:
> Just out of interest (as I am a freeBSD fan) why more stable on BSD ?

I have no idea, it just seems to run better on *BSD.  I'm still trying to
investigate that myself.  Perhaps I'm just inept when it comes to Linux, but
it has never run decently for me -- I've always had problems with whichever
distro I try.  This time it seems to be the network card mostly, but then I
get similar response from the console every now and then, so maybe it's not
the NIC.  Maybe I should have rephrased that or left it out, as it's
probably not Asterisk that is more stable, technically speaking.

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