[Asterisk-Users] Asterisk-Users List Etiquette

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Tue Jun 15 18:26:02 MST 2004

> > Isn't it odd as hell the same people that complain about html are also
> > some of the same people that use "special" mail readers to emulate news
> > readers? Both seem to want to influence the 8,000 list members their
> > tools are the only one's in existence and we better all format our
> > list postings to make their tool happy. NOT!
> > 
> > Guess my 1996 reader must be a little odd; it handles top & bottom postings
> > along with html without complaining a bit.
> Most all mail readers these days support HTML email. The difference
> though is when one uses a mail reader that renders the HTML and the HTML
> is written by someone who has no clue how the readers machine is set up.
> I use Evolution for my mail reading when on a machine with a SMTP
> gateway, I use mutt elsewise. When using Evolution, I can get through my
> mail faster, but if a person chooses a blue font, it is difficult to
> read and therefore not worth my time to tell evolution to convert to
> plain text to fix the users gaff. 
> Also, when someone chooses what font and size I should be reading mail
> in, is just as bad since most Microcrap clients choose to shrink the
> size about 2 sizes smaller than my normal which is set at the smallest I
> can read at a decent speed. Since I stare at code all day, this is
> fairly small so I can see as much of the code at once as possible. 

For all of us old-timers that have been here a while, Steve, you did a
very admiral thing in not responding to the root issue. Thanks!!

Top vs Bottom is 99% irrelevant except to a few, and although none of
us like html, its less objectionable then the top/bottom complaints
from the few.

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