[Asterisk-Users] Asterisk-Users List Etiquette

Aaron J. Angel aaron at angel-family.com
Tue Jun 15 12:45:29 MST 2004

M3 Freak wrote:
> Before hanging up, there should be an extension reminding 
> everyone that top posting is super duper wrong and oh so annoying.
> I used to top post, but now I understand why it's frowned 
> upon.  It should be avoided at all costs.

Unfortunately, some of us just can't help it.  Some of us use this nifty
(read: *$#&$*@*) program called Outlook (especially in the workplace), made
by a company that doesn't care for common email ettiquete, let alone user

I happen to be one of those persons (although it's not a matter of the
company's IT decisions; I just don't see how it is beneficial to use
multiple emailers for the sake of a mailing list.  And for those that *are*
subscribed at the workplace, note that it took a bit of effort (too much to
write a simple message like this, IMO) to produce a properly bottom posted
message like this (that is, if you consider the attribution without date
"proper", which would require more copying, pasting, and lead to further

And for those of you who don't like HTML email with  different fonts or
colors, etc., there's this thing called CSS.  If you expect everyone else to
use a client that bottom-posts, then I expect you to use an HTML-capable
email client that supports CSS for accessibility.  Yes, I hear your reply,
and you're right, switching clients is not an answer for everyone.  Deal
with it.

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