[Asterisk-Users] Polycom IP 600 Programmability

John Baker JohnB at listbrokers.com
Tue Jun 15 07:02:04 MST 2004

Polycom IP 600's are fully programmable, much more so than the Cisco 
phones.  Yes, you can program the phone buttons.  That and just about 
everything else you can imagine is programmable via xml configuration files.

Goto http://www.polycom.com/common/pw_item_show_doc/0,1276,2545,00.pdf 
for the admin guide and you can see for yourself how great the 
difference is.


P.S.  Here's the wiki: http://www.voip-info.org/wiki-Polycom+Phones

Ray Burkholder wrote:
> Do the Polycom IP phones have some programmability so you can do some
> programmable phone buttons like you can on the Cisco phones?  
> If there is programmability, such as for soft-keys and the like, how
> would you rate Polycom's vs Cisco's capabilities?  And where can one
> find the programming documentation?
> Thanx.
> Ray.

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