[Asterisk-Users] IAX2 hangup on transfer

Senad Jordanovic senad at boltblue.com
Tue Jun 15 01:46:02 MST 2004

Dear Sirs,

I've got a weird problem with IAX2 transfers.

My setup consist of 3 Asterisk servers.  One is located in Europe on a
public IP and a local PSTN connection through ISDN.  Two are located in
South-east Asia - both on public, but dynamic IP.  These two each have a
bunch of SIP phones attached.  All 3 systems are running latest CVS (ok
- might be a day or two old) on Linux 2.6.6 with the patched ztdummy
timing device (based on Linux 2.6 kernel timers).  Since only one of the
asterisk servers are on a known IP, the two systems on dymanic IP
registers at the one in Europe.

Ok - that was the setup - here's the problem.  SIP device on dynamic
asterisk A calls SIP device on dynamic asterisk B.  The call obviously
is routed through the asterisk with fixed IP.  After the call has been
picked up - asterisk attempts a transfer.  The problem is that sometimes
(I would estimate around half the times) the transfer fails without any
error messages (only "Hungup 'IAX@[foobar]/xxxxx').  No indication of
what went wrong.  The problem can only be reproduced about half the
times - half the times it goes well.

Now it is pretty obvious that my setup is ok since it work half the
times. Forbidding transfers is not a good idea - the whole point of this
setup is to be able to transfer since network wise the two systems with
dynamic addresses are much closer to each other (ping round-trip of
about 40 ms) compared with the one with fixed (about 400 ms ping
round-trip from EACH of the dynamic systems).

Any ideas?




Maybe, maybe when the IPs on dynamic servers change, * has different
information internally hence the transfer fails?


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