[Asterisk-Users] Polycom IP 600

John Baker JohnB at listbrokers.com
Mon Jun 14 20:12:40 MST 2004

Guess what, I tried that feature and it didn't work.  (Actually, it did 
some of the time, but I think the auto-answer feature somehow resets it. 
  It's not real functional)

I went back to manually setting the variables in ipmid.cfg to have the 
phones answer (and start) sessions at their loudest.


Brent Franks wrote:
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>>No, I have not tried 1.2, I did not know it was even out. Can this be
>>downloaded from Polycom's site? If so, I will try it out.
> We had e-mailed Polycom about 2 months ago requesting that the ADA
> compliance (auto-reset Volume per call) be a feature as per the ADA
> specs rather than a requirement.  Polycom wrote back and said it is in
> the 1.2 release.  Polycom will only release the release to certified
> partners.
>>John Baker wrote:
>>>Did you try the new sip firmware update?  The latest is version 1.2
> and
>>>has some fixes for what you're trying to do.
> John, do you care to share the new firmware? Unfortunately, like Tor, we
> do not have access to this either.  What is the easiest way to get this
> release?  When I call Insight (Where we purchased the phones) they have
> no clue what we are talking about.
> Thanks!
> - Brent
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