[Asterisk-Users] Polycom IP 600

Brent Franks mwless at mindworks.net
Mon Jun 14 19:14:52 MST 2004

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> John,
> No, I have not tried 1.2, I did not know it was even out. Can this be
> downloaded from Polycom's site? If so, I will try it out.
> -Tor

We had e-mailed Polycom about 2 months ago requesting that the ADA
compliance (auto-reset Volume per call) be a feature as per the ADA
specs rather than a requirement.  Polycom wrote back and said it is in
the 1.2 release.  Polycom will only release the release to certified

> John Baker wrote:
> >Did you try the new sip firmware update?  The latest is version 1.2
> >has some fixes for what you're trying to do.

John, do you care to share the new firmware? Unfortunately, like Tor, we
do not have access to this either.  What is the easiest way to get this
release?  When I call Insight (Where we purchased the phones) they have
no clue what we are talking about.


- Brent

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