[Asterisk-Users] International Talking Clocks

John Todd jtodd at loligo.com
Mon Jun 14 16:36:05 MST 2004

At 1:34 PM -0700 on 6/14/04, Aaron Clauson wrote:
>Does anyone know of a list of internationally
>accessible PSTN talking clocks?
>I find talkjing clocks a good way to test the call
>quality to a particular country.
>There are a quite a few available in the US but the
>only other two countries I have found numbers for are
>the UK and Sweden. Other countries obviously have them
>but they generally don't seem accessible from
>international numbers.
>Talking Clock Numbers:
>Sweden: +46-3390510
>UK: +44-8451249068
>US: +1-2027621401
>Anyone know (or provide access to) any others?

I find that a better solution is to use movie theaters.  Google can 
usually find something in each nation/region/city, and most Western 
nations have answering machines on those lines which talk for quite a 
while.   Talking clocks are getting harder to find, while movie 
theater auto-recordings are growing in number.


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