[Asterisk-Users] Broadvoice and DTMF

Greg Hill gregh-asterisk at hillnet.us
Mon Jun 14 06:09:13 MST 2004

On Mon, 14 Jun 2004, Jay Milk wrote:

> It's official, Greg figured it out.  And you know what, it all makes
> sense now:  The scope for the dtmfmode setting is the section.  Since
> the [broadvoice] section is needed for outgoing calls only, the
> [general] section -- the one containing the "register" directives would
> have to be where you define the dtmfmode for incoming connection.
> How about --
> [general]
> ....
> dtmfmode=inband
> register => usera:pass at server.com
> dtmfmode=rfc2833
> register => userb:pass at server.net
> Would that work?

I haven't got time to test it this morning.. gotta run out to work.
Unfortunately, "work" isn't playing with asterisk. Not yet.

I think you're right, though.. my [broadvoice] section says type=peer. I
wonder (but haven't tested) if using type=friend or adding a second
section for type=user would have the same effect. BV would be considered
our "user" when * receives a call from BV, so it makes sense that it might
work to set the option there also. I'll try it this evening if nobody else
has beaten me to it.


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