[Asterisk-Users] <<< GSM AUDIOFiles >>>

jo lists at scheko.net
Mon Jun 14 04:11:23 MST 2004

jeff quade wrote:

> Hello:
> I would like to produce some GSM Prompt audio files for a Telephone 
> Directory Project-- and have hired a freelance audio engineer to 
> record, and edit the actual files--
> However the GSM files he gives me to upload into asterisk DO NOT work 
> when played back throgh "Stream File" or "Get Data" in my agi. It 
> seems that there may be more than one GSM file type (with header and 
> without, linear compressed, quadratically compressed--etc)

Files edited in CoolEdit and saved as gsm, even with the proposed 
settings don't work for me too.
Saved as .wav and converted with sox does the job.


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