[Asterisk-Users] Festival application: clipping start of sound?

Donald Gordon don at dis.org.nz
Mon Jun 14 03:58:19 MST 2004


I'm running a bright shiny new asterisk installation, and have
discovered a problem with the festival application - when it plays back
the generated sound, it skips the start.  If, on the other hand, it has
caching turned on, then when it plays the cached sound, it doesn't skip
the first word or two.  I assume that this has something to do with the
time taken to generate the speech - is there anything I can do about
this, apart from getting a faster machine for festival?

Also, files in the festival cache directory seem to be created with mode
0000.  Is there any setting I need to prod to make them readable by
asterisk?  I'm running the debian packaged asterisk.



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