[Asterisk-Users] Accepting post selection digits over isdn trunking

Alessio Focardi afoc at interconnessioni.it
Mon Jun 14 01:55:22 MST 2004

Hi friends,

I succesfully integrated asterisk with a pbx using an HFC isdn card in
NT mode.

In the pbx I have defined the ISDN interface asterisk is connected as
a trunk line, so when I dial 0 all subsequent digits are sent to

How can I instruct asterisk to wait for a timeout for incoming
extention ?

Now if I set

exten => 20,1,Goto(demo,s,5)

as the only extention it will wait for 2 digits

if I set

exten => 200,1,Goto(demo,s,5)

it will wait for 3

Lets say that I want to have asterik wait for a timeout, instead of
number of maximum digits I have in the dialplan ... is it possibile ?

It will come handy when I will have to set up an extension for dialing
out over some other telco line connected to asterisk, since dialed numbers
will not be of fixed lenght ...

Lets say for instance:

exten => _9X.,1,Dial(zap/g1,${exten:1})

From a phone connected to pbx I will have to do 0 (go to asterisk) then 9 (we are
dialing outside), then the number, but the dial will occour after the
first digit.

Tnx for any help !

Best regards,
 Alessio                          mailto:afoc at interconnessioni.it

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