[Asterisk-Users] Broadvoice and DTMF

Marty Mastera mmastera at m3resources.com
Sun Jun 13 15:39:14 MST 2004


Per your suggestion, I added dtmfmode=inband to the general section of
my sip.conf....the other items you mentioned were already in sync with
what I had.  With that one change inbound DTMF to * IVR works!

I will continue to play with it to flesh out it's reliability, but I was
successfully able to navigate my IVR and log on to * VM.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will followup with any interesting
developments from my testing.


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On Sat, 12 Jun 2004, Jay Milk wrote:

> Makes me think that the problem isn't with Broadvoice at all, but 
> rather with Asterisk's DTMF recognition.  I'm running CVS Head from
late April.

I'm running CVS-HEAD-06/06/04.

I've spent a couple hours tinkering and taking notes on the dtmf issue
this morning. I tried various combinations of rfc2833 and inband in my
dtmfmode= statements in sip.conf and with each combination tried
dialling out (xten softphone -> * -> BV -> cell phone voicemail) and
calling in (cell phone -> BV -> * -> IVR) to test DTMF functionality (or
During each call, I used "show channel xxxx" in the CLI to see how *
really thought the channel was configured.

I think I finally came up with a setup where DTMF works. I'm hoping
maybe some of you who have been struggling with this issue also will
give it a try and tell the rest of us if it works in your config.




I don't have any allow/disallow statements for any codecs, although I'm
thinking about bringing those into my puzzle soon..

Anyway, with sip.conf set up as I described above, I placed a call:
xten -> * -> BV -> cell phone
and the DTMF was passed through so that I could interact with the
voicemail system. In this call, * indicated:
xten -> * channel: codec=GSM, dtmfmode=rfc2833
* -> BV channel: codec=ULAW, dtmfmode=inband

When I tried to set the xtenphone to use dtmfmode=inband (in sip.conf),
* filled my console with "Unable to process inband DTMF on 2 frames" and
I couldn't capture any info on the channel setup through the CLI.

Removing the dtmfmode=inband statement under [general] didn't affect

So then I placed another call:
cell phone -> BV -> *
I set up extensions.conf so that the incoming call from BV would go into
an IVR I built for controlling xmms. I was able to enter the extension
numbers to control the system. I don't have voicemail set up on this *
box, so I couldn't test a call to that app. In this call * indicated:
BV -> * channel: codec=ULAW, dtmfmode=inband

Removing the dtmfmode=inband statement under [general] DID affect
With this statement commented out, * indicates: BV -> * channel:
codec=ULAW, dtmfmode=rfc2833
In this setup, DTMF broke and I couldn't control my xmms.

So.. Jay, Michael, others.. if you try this config, let us know what
results you find!


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