[Asterisk-Users] Re : Newbie help !

digvijay singh ds98127 at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 13 05:30:02 MST 2004

nope I do know about x100p being the fxo and the usb device being the fxs 
....fxo using fxs signalling and fxs using fxo signalling and it is 
reflected suitably in my zapata.conf and zaptel.conf...
The problem is that the S100U usb device is not identified upon zap show 
channels ... only the 100xp wildcard is recognized....i get a sound when 
pressing the keypad of the phone connected to usb device , but i get no 
dialtone nor does asterisk identify pick up event....ont eh otehr hand it 
issues a notification in case of an incoming call...
I have tried rmmod and then reprobing but that does not help....i have the 
dialtone option in my phone.conf....
please advise

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