[Asterisk-Users] ASTTAPI 0.03 hangup not working

Gruppe, Robert RGruppe at service.avp.de
Sat Jun 12 17:48:54 MST 2004

Hey Nick, 

what a nice project. This will help us in database and outlook aided
dialing. Great

One Problem:
If you initiate a call via Outlook, * dials the extension, afterwards dials
the tapi-requested number and proceeds bridging the two calls together.
Thats fine.

When you end the call via outlook hangup-button, *-manager gets a
hangup-command (seen in verbose mode), but * doesn't really hangup and the
call is still there. Outlook is trying forever to hangup and the dial button
is greyed out.

When you hangup the phone, * of course cuts all related channels but Outlook
does not realize it.
A restart of Outlook makes it work again but just till next hangup is done.

What I've seen is that Outlook doesn't recognize that the call is
successfully bridged and ongoing - it still shows that it's dialing.



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