[Asterisk-Users] MWI on Cisco ATA-186 (SIP)

Jacob Hunter jmhunter83 at yahoo.ca
Sat Jun 12 06:30:59 MST 2004

I am trying to set up the Message Waiting Indicator (stutter 
tone/light) so that my cisco ata-186 will let my phones know there is a 
message waiting.  However this does not seem to be very well 

I found this on wiki  mailboxnumber at context ... where does that go?  Do 
I put it in my SIP.conf definition for my cisco ata, or where.  In my 
SIP cisco definition i already have a mailbox=mailboxnumber.  What do I 
need to do to get this to work?  And which context am I putting there, 
is it the same context as the sip device, or is the context from the 

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