[Asterisk-Users] context of a transfer

Michael George george at auroravideosys.com
Fri Jun 11 13:00:15 MST 2004

I allow our internal extensions to transfer calls, so I have the 
appropriate "t/T" in the Dial() command.

When I do the transfer, though, I don't know what context the user 
entry is interpreted in...  The one which calls the macro which does 
the dial?

This is an issue because my internal phones are in the 201-208 range.  
In my initial context, though, I only match on the "2" and then GoTo() 
a context where the 01-08 is matched (for voicemail I manually add the 
"2" back on).  However, when transferring, I cannot use the "2" and can 
only use the 2-digit extension number.

I do this because I wanted 301-308 to be used to dial directly into the 
user's voicemail.  I can probably rearrange my dialplan to put _20X all 
in one context rather than 2 -> _0X in separate contexts, but then I 
think I will lose the ability I was after: to transfer a call directly 
into another extension's VM without ringing their phone...



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