[Asterisk-Users] Cisco 7970 w/ 7.1 phones rebooting with asterisk

Brian D'Arcy bdarcy at akiva.com
Thu Jun 10 16:01:49 MST 2004

Sorry, also running 7.1 and Head as of 6/8/04.  No reboot problems here
at all with voicemail.  If you're using some sort of custom onscreen
voicemail application, there are known issues with improperly formatted
XML causing the phones to either lock up, or reboot.  

Brian D'Arcy

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I am currently testing an asterisk server with some cisco 7960 phones.  
I have been having problems with phones rebootin using 6.3 firmware in 
the asterisk voicemail menus.  The phones reboot after a dozen or so 
random button presses while in the voicemail menus.  To try and fix 
this, I upgraded to sip 7.1 only to find that now the phones reboot 
even if i'm trying to press a button to dial out.  I am running CVS 
head as of 2 days ago.  If anyone has ever had any problems like this 
please let me know

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