[Asterisk-Users] incoming DTMF on iConnectHere?

Paul Crick web-asterisk-users at ivrl.com
Thu Jun 10 14:06:27 MST 2004

> Anyone having problems receiving DTMF on incoming iConnectHere
> lines? They disappeared for us sometime in the last 12 hours...
> And, yes, we've restarted * and rebooted our * machine.
EXACTLY the same problem! Which makes me happy cos it means I'm not alone,
but pisses me off cos it's a bit of an issue..

I wonder if this is tied in with their voicemail upgrade? I had an email
from them this morning apologising for any problems and telling me I have a
$1 credit on my account - worth over 30 minutes of calling time WOOT WOOT!

Anyone else got problems? Anyone spoken to them?

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