[Asterisk-Users] CDR for transfered calls

Senad Jordanovic senad at boltblue.com
Thu Jun 10 01:18:07 MST 2004

>> Sure... So, this issue is "sort of a bug" and it really needs to be
>> implemented then!
> I'm afraid its not that simple. Unless I'm misunderstanding the
> concepts of 
> IAX(2) design, it does not support such behaviour _by design_. Who
> knows what would break if someone hacked our desires in there. A
> solution then would be: choose another protocol. Technically you
> could spin off an IAX2-cdr channel that supports it, but that would
> require duplicate efforts to maintain both channels. My current
> position is 'deal with it' and accept the extra traffic. If someone
> with more knowledge about IAX(2) can comment on the feasability of
> this behaviour we may proceed in that direction, otherwise we're just
> stuck.        

In that case, I suppose we have to put up with it untill it gets to be a
real pain in the neck :)

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