[Asterisk-Users] Integration with a Siemens HiCom 150E / HiPath 3750

ePyron Felix Deierlein fd at ePyron.de
Thu Jun 10 00:18:07 MST 2004

Hello Martin, 

> >how would you like to integrate? PRI (E1) or BRI (ISDN)?
> Besides of making calls with VoIP from PC to PC, we'd like 
> that our people abroad could dial company internal extensions 
> through Asterisk using a SIP client. On a second approach, 
> the same people abroad could dial the PSTN using the same method...
That should not affect your integration with the legacy pbx.

Our scenario is:

DTAG ---------- * -------- HICOM
	PRI	    |   PRI

> Please tell me the magical receipt  on a step-by-step basis, 
> as I'm not much into this telco world ;)

Sorry, that is not that easy because the receipt depends much on the

What connection do you have between pstn and hicom?

And you should read everything about the leagacy integration, so you will
get an idea, what you want to have.



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