[Asterisk-Users] ISDN BRI with National (north america) Signalling

Jon Pounder JonP at inline.net
Wed Jun 9 08:24:11 MST 2004

Anyone actually got this working with asterisk ?

I have read posts that it is possible with capi and the diva server cards.
Regular diva and diva pro both claim to support NI-1 and NI-2 and CAPI -
will they work as well ?

Has anyone actually got it working ? Forget the should and could part, I
only care about the does/doesn't and why.

If you have it working, please tell me - telco, signalling type, and
hardware model, and how configured in asterisk.

Also for any ISDN gurus out there - is there a simple way to loop back BRI
so I can call from one B to the other for testing with the proper
signalling for National to see if asterisk actually works without
committing to ordering a line that will be useless if it does not work.


Jon Pounder

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