[Asterisk-Users] iax codec problem

Jason A. Pattie pattieja at pcxperience.com
Wed Jun 9 07:38:03 MST 2004

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Adam Hart wrote:
| Jason A. Pattie wrote:
|> |
|> | One workaround is to use Firefly, but that may not be for everyone?
|> True.  I almost got it working under Wine, though.  Kept dumping files
|> into "C:\".  Probably just means I don't have the necessary dependencies
|> or Wine doesn't have the capabilities needed to run this app., yet.
|> Something about not being able to get timing from threads seemed to be
|> the big killer.
|> fixme:thread:GetThreadTimes Cannot get kerneltime or usertime of other
|> threads
|> fixme:thread:NtQueryInformationThread info class 9 not supported yet
|> Oh well.  It was worth a shot.  At least part of the interface shows up
|> on the screen before Wine bombs.
| Lol, that's a decent attempt (funny thing is that's the callstack that's
| having that problem but I can port it already - just not the GUI) -
| We're currently looking at porting, looking at the various
| cross-platform windowing libraries. If you have any suggestions or
| information on porting a windows GUI C++ program, send me an email

As much as I dislike it, wxWindows seems to be one of the most
ubiquitous cross-platform APIs for such a thing.  I'm sure there are
others, but it is released under LGPL licensing so you can distribute
commercial projects based on it (I think that's the way LGPL works).
Since it is so cross-platform compatible and runs on just about
everything you can think of (think iaxComm, which is using wxWindows to
be able to, currently, run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X), I found it
to be slightly slow.  Some other developers I talked with said that any
additional windowing toolkit on top of the underlying windowing
components is going to make your application slower as far as the
interface is concerned.  I'm pretty sure they are addressing this,
though, in either the development version or later versions.

In particular, I was running iaxComm on GPE on Familiar Linux on the
iPAQ.  So, that platform is already slow to begin with, and putting
wxWindows (technically wxGTK, the version of wxWindows ported to the
GTK(+) libraries) on top of that seems to have slowed the application
down even more, and then on top of that the application being an IP
softphone app., and the processor without an FPU unit, etc. etc.  You
get the picture.  I'm attempting to get iaxComm compiled again with the
iax2_parse patch from the ZiaxPhone project which makes IAX2 word
aligned and fixes a major sound issue which I appear to be having, but I
haven't gotten wxGTK to successfully compile and iaxComm to compile
against it again.  Don't remember exactly what I did the first time.

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