[Asterisk-Users] iax codec problem

Adam Hart adam at teragen.com.au
Tue Jun 8 07:54:20 MST 2004

Jason A. Pattie wrote:

> |
> | One workaround is to use Firefly, but that may not be for everyone?
> True.  I almost got it working under Wine, though.  Kept dumping files
> into "C:\".  Probably just means I don't have the necessary dependencies
> or Wine doesn't have the capabilities needed to run this app., yet.
> Something about not being able to get timing from threads seemed to be
> the big killer.
> fixme:thread:GetThreadTimes Cannot get kerneltime or usertime of other
> threads
> fixme:thread:NtQueryInformationThread info class 9 not supported yet
> Oh well.  It was worth a shot.  At least part of the interface shows up
> on the screen before Wine bombs.

Lol, that's a decent attempt (funny thing is that's the callstack that's 
having that problem but I can port it already - just not the GUI) - 
We're currently looking at porting, looking at the various 
cross-platform windowing libraries. If you have any suggestions or 
information on porting a windows GUI C++ program, send me an email



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