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I agree, any platform suffers when it is extremely difficult to implement.
What we need is an interface that does everything we need and shows what
asterisk is capable of, a lot of features will go unused because you might
not know the exist unless you hunt them down in the source or conf files. 

I trained on an Avaya INDeX switch it had a complex console but was laid out
in a structured way a java console that allowed you to issue changes to the
system would sort it out and would shy away from a GUI that is restrictive,
things such as call flows etc... were done in a very simple GUI, although
simple this GUI could do very complex stuff. Perhaps we need a suite of
tools for it each specialising in an area and linked together via a
configuration database.

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> The power of asterisk comes from its method of config. If one wraps it 
> with a GUI one will inherently limit the flexibility.

> Then since the GUI is what gets 'seen' people ~may~ take the lack of 
> flexibility or even just the look and flow of the GUI to be a reflection 
> on the power of Asterisk.

But if it was an official addon from the cvs tree (similar to the voicemail
cgi stuff), it would make take-up a lot easier =) 

That way you wouldn't make people "stuck" to one GUI, if they don't want it
they don't need to check it out. Its just at the moment, you've got sub
projects for lots of different GUIs, what needs to happen is someone to
consolidate what's out there and bring it all into one official project.  It
makes sense that the GUI becomes a web one, then it can run on a number of
web browser platforms.

Kind Regards,
Chris Bond

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