[Asterisk-Users] Re: DNS SRV records

Duane duane at e164.org
Wed Jun 9 03:50:56 MST 2004

Darren Edmundson wrote:

> Unfortunately, it seems from my bugreport that the powers that be are as
> spit over this as we are, which is a shame - I'd have hoped that RFC
> compliance was an obvious aim for any piece of software....

*sigh* I have said time and time again, when it's not disabled in 
asterisk I will care more about it, so no point you and every other 
person on this list hassling me over it, it will be the LEAST pragmatic 
way to make anything occur.

For the record about how my VoIP address looks. I highly doubt it will 
ever look like my email address, sure I could make it look like that but 
for the most part sip url's are useless to me as I can't dial them on my 
hardphone, and neither can anyone else I supply hardphones to. These 
guys don't give two hoots about what an SRV record is, all they care is 
being able to use their 12 (that's right, only 12, not 101, but 12, 
twelve...) key keypads to contact fred smith across the road, or jane 
doe in the next suburb.


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