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Tue Jun 8 13:47:50 MST 2004

This problem with Grandstream was fixed long ago by Mark.
You have to change your sip entry from friend to peer and enable option
insecure=very to make early dialing working. 

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Aaron Martin wrote:
> Has anyone managed to get Early-Dial working with the grandstream phones?
> On my older phones running firmware 1.0.3.X it works fine, but it doesnt 
> work on the newer versions..

Don't waste time trying. I'm even surprised that you could get it to 
work with 1.0.3.x. In my experience, if the dial string was longer than 
4 or 5 digits, GS pooped out. It's even worse in the later revisions, 
pooping out after 3 digits. It still is not fixed in You could 
use it if all of your dial strings are 3 0r fewer digits - not much use 
really.  GS knows about the problem, has verified on my * server, has 
indicated that they will fix it. It just requires patience on our part. 
The fix is apparently not a very high priority - true really, since it's 
failure is merely a convenience issue of not having to wait for the last 
key timeout.

Stephen R. Besch
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