[Asterisk-Users] Echo problems using AVM Fritz!PCI Card

Gonzalo Servat gs at webtastic.com.au
Tue Jun 8 08:38:16 MST 2004

Hi All,

I'm running the latest asterisk CVS code (from experimental), and
hardware-wise an AVM Fritz!PCI Card, together with chan_capi 0.3.3. 
The problem is that any inbound/outbound calls result in echo on MY end
(the asterisk end). I've played with the echo settings in capi.conf
(mainly turning on echocancel and echosquelch, also tried playing with
rxgain/txgain) to no avail. The only setting that has helped (somewhat)
so far is enabling echosquelch. The echo disappears but a new problem
arises. When the person on the other end starts to talk, the first bit
is chopped off, and the last bit (before they go quiet) so it almost
sounds as though it's doing voice detection and transmitting only when
it detects voice. Also, if the other person is talking and i start to
talk, they get cut off immediately so this isn't a practical workaround.

Any help will be muchly appreciated.


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