[Asterisk-Users] DSP Coding

Andrew Kohlsmith akohlsmith-asterisk at benshaw.com
Sat Jun 5 19:19:45 MST 2004

> Even the telco's breakout of a DS-3 takes more space than you think.
> How would you troubleshoot one DS0? (Very carefully I'd imagine)

In software, naturally.  A physical DS0 needn't exist.

> (I can all ready imagine the Inermod/crosstalk, RFI of all those DSP's
> crammed into a confined space..brrr)

Why would you do something that crazy?  You could put 8 high-end DSPs on a 
half-height PCI card and have each one handle a DS2's worth of channels (up 
to 96) and then have the 8th do general housekeeping of the entire DS3 and 
PCI interface.  Why would you use one DSP per channel?


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