[Asterisk-Users] Simultaneous ring internal extension and external phone number?

John Fraizer tvo at enterzone.net
Wed Jun 2 05:41:25 MST 2004

Eric Wieling wrote:

> On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 01:01, Tracy R Reed wrote:
>>Note however that this WILL NOT work if one of the devices you are calling
>>is on a Zap channel. I have a PRI and I would love to ring my cell phone
>>AND my desk phone (SIP) at the same time but if I try only the Zap
>>interface rings. I posted regarding this a few days ago. It seems silly to
>>have to go out through another VOIP provider when I have my own PRI. I
>>have clients who want this feature too so I would really like to solve
>>this problem.
> This is a problem with ANALOG interfaces, but not normally an issue with
> PRI (aka DIGITAL) interfaces.  Something else is going on that's causing
> this problem for you.  I can see callprogress= or busydetect= causing
> something like this.  These two options are designed for analog
> interfaces and I don't know what sorts of issues would happen if you
> tried using them with PRIs.  One of the biggest reasons people use PRIs
> is so they don't have this problem.   I don't know what to suggest to
> you, other than not to give up.  This is a fixable issue with PRIs.

I don't have any issues at all doing this with PRI.  As a matter of 
fact, I'm ringing two SIP phones, an IAX phone and three PSTN phones 
(via a PRI) at the same time.  Whoever answers first gets the call.


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