[Asterisk-Users] Simultaneous ring internal extension and external phone number?

Shaun Ewing asterisk at ewing.tk
Tue Jun 1 21:01:49 MST 2004

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> Sent: Wednesday, 2 June 2004 12:46 PM
> I have a client who is looking at replacing their PBX, and I'm 
> interested in putting together an Asterisk solution for them. One 
> feature that would really, really get their attention is if I 
> could do 
> the "Vonage" thing, where if a PSTN caller dials a direct extension 
> (coming in over PRI) both the user's deskset _and_ an external number 
> (their cell phone) would ring, with either being able to 
> answer the call.
> Is there a way to do this with Asterisk? Based on my review of the 
> handbook and parts of the wiki, it looks like it could be done quite 
> easily in the dial plan. However, I have never installed 
> Asterisk so I 
> am quite clueless about what will actually work :-)

You certainly can do something like that.

I use something like the following to dial my desk phone and cell phone at
the same time:

exten => xx,1,Dial(IAX2/xx at xx/phone&SIP/phone|60|r)
By that example, you can see that I am dialing "IAX2/xx at xx/phone" and
"SIP/phone" at the same time with ring back with a timeout of 60 seconds.

If one is answered, the other stops ringing.


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