[Asterisk-Users] Some (lack of) answers regarding the wakeup call application...

Apollon Koutlides apollon at planewalk.net
Tue Jun 1 08:54:02 MST 2004

Rob Fugina wrote:

>It has occurred to me that the two AGI scripts could be rewritten as real
>compiled asterisk applications, but then it always hits me that without
>some kind of cron-line built-in scheduler, or changes to the outgoing
>call queueing that would allow a call to be scheduled for the future,
>there would still be that external cron-driven shell script.  Ugly.
Actually, there's no need for anything like that. Set the file's
modification time to the value you require, and watch asterisk do all
the dirty work for you.

Apollon Koutlides

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