[Asterisk-Users] Sipura-SPA2000 background noise

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Tue Jun 1 08:46:10 MST 2004

Kevin  [Asterisk at gtcus.com] wrote:
> I have been using Cisco ATA's for analog connections and decided to give
> a Sipura SPA-2000 a try. I noticed there is a fair amount of background
> white noise that is noticeable, especially after breaking the dial tone.
> After pressing a '1' to break the dial tone, there is a fair amount of
> noise that is evident.  I do not notice this condition on the Cisco
> ATA's.  I plugged the Sipura in the same location as the Cisco ATA.
> Anyone else have this condition with the Sipura?
Mine gives me "comfort noise" when the line is silent, which may be
what you're referring to.  See if it goes away when you say something
into the "dead air", and see if it returns a moment after you stop
speaking to yourself.  I can hear a slight sound, but it's not what
I'd call loud.

I prefer to have the comfort noise than not, but if it was loud and
persisted over the top of a conversation then that'd be bad.  It doesn't
do that for me.

There may be an admin setting for the comfort noise level, or noise
on/off, although I don't recall seeing it.

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