[Asterisk-Users] Echo on a PRI

Wiley E. Siler wsiler at e2020inc.com
Mon Jul 19 17:27:32 MST 2004

I think I saw a reference to a similar problem and it regarded IRQ
issues on the machine in question.  IF there was IRQ sharing, cagey
things happened.  But if the T1 card had a static IRQ, it resolved the
issue.  Does your T1 card have a dedicated IRQ? I am sure someone will
be able to explain further and possibly give you some validation on your
Mobo too?


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I recently set up the following in a production system (2.8 GHZ Xeon, 1
Gig Memory, Dell 2650).

Telco - PRI - Asterisk - T1 - PBX

I am getting an occasional noticeable echo on some of the phone lines
(random inbound and outbound).  Everyone I ask keeps telling me that I
can't be having echo since I am on a PRI, which is a digital circuit.
Ok, so I can't be having echo, but I am!  Does anyone have any ideas of
what might be causing the echo in this situation?  


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