[Asterisk-Users] Dell 6450 / TE405p

asterisk asterisk at dotr.com
Fri Jul 9 05:01:03 MST 2004

I'm having some trouble here - need some help! 

I've just bought a TE405p (32-bit 5V), but cannot get it working in a dell
6450. The dell has (from tech specs) "three peer PCI buses: two 64-bit buses
and one 32-bit bus Expansion slots 	seven hot-pluggable PCI slots (two
64-bit/66 MHz, four 64-bit/33 MHz, and one 32-bit/33 MHz)"

I cannot get the card working in any of the slots. When I power the server
up, the digium card blinks red for a second, and the dell pci light goes
out. However, if I plug it into a standard dell dimension, I get the 4
channels flashing red when I power the machine up.

My understanding of the pci bus is (obviously) limited - why doesn't the
card work in the server ? Should I have bought the te410p instead ? 



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