[Asterisk-Users] SOHO PBX using asterisk

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To connect 5 analog phone you need five FXS ports.

As for the ADSL line, please clarify your intentions.

If you wish to use the ADSL line to connect to a VOIP provider, like vonage or voicepulse, then you connect it to your machine with a network interface.

If you wish to use it for PSTN calls, then yeah, you need an FXO ports.

This means two cards. One with 4 FXS modules, and one with one FXS module and (maybe) one FXO module.

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I'd like to build a personal PBX connecting 4 or 5 analogic phones with a ADSL line and I'd like to know what is the right card I need
I visited digium site and I think TDM400 could be the right choice but I cannot understand how it works...I think it has 4 slots where 4 modules (FXS or FXO) can be inserted. How many cards do I need to connect my ADSL line to 5 phones? I think I need two cards, one with 1 FXS for the ADSL line and 3 FXO for the phones and the second card with only 2 FXO modules, is this correct?
Where can I find the drivers for this card? Should I re-compile linux kernel or there is another way to add drivers to linux?

Thanks in advance.


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