[Asterisk-Users] Has anyone connected to 7960 with console cablefor setup?

Paul Brock Paul at westcomuk.com
Thu Dec 16 12:20:19 MST 2004


Is it a new unit? The only reason I ask is that hitting the settings button
should let you straight in.

There is an Rs232 port on the bottom - however not oversure what it's used
for on the 7960's.

The reason I as wether it's new or not is that it might need firmware
resetting as per the cisco information (not immediately to hand).

If you can see the menu's and just chance change the setting, I think it's
something like *# or **# to allow change.

Sorry if that's "suck egg" territory - just trying to cover anything obvious
which is easily missed!!


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I have a Cisco 7960 phone.  I cannot seem to use the settings button to get
into the phone to change the TFTP server.  I've set up a DHCP Server, TFTP
Server with the same address, and the phone requests the address of,
the server offers the  address of, but the phone seems not to
take it.

I have no action on the TFTP side.

So, since I can't seem to server the phone anything by TFTP, and I can't use
the settings button, then I thought I might make a console cable (see
below).  I tried to use hyperTerminal, but got no response from the phone.

Anyone have any ideas?



I found a link to make a Cisco Console Cable for RJ-45.

  				DB9F RJ45
Receive Data 		2 	3
Transmit Data 		3 	6
Data Terminal Ready 	4 	7
Ground 			5 	4
Ground 			5 	5
Data Set Ready 		6 	2
Request to Send 		7 	8
Clear to Send 		8 	1

The Console Access Manual, give the following cable information:

Console Cable Requirements
You use a serial cable with a connector to connect a PC and a phone. The
uses an RJ-11 connector for the phone and an RJ-45 connector to an
RJ-45-to-DB9 converter for the PC. Table D-1 shows the pinout requirements
the console cable.

Table D-1 Console Cable Pinouts
RJ-11 Connector 	RJ-45 Connector
Pin 2 ==========	Pin 6
Pin 3 ==========	Pin 4
Pin 4 ==========	Pin 3

So, I thought I would go right from DB9F to RJ-11
DB9F		RJ-45		RJ-11
Pin 2		Pin 3		Pin 4
Pin 5		Pin 4		Pin 3
Pin 3		Pin 6		Pin 2
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