[Asterisk-Users] Skinny + XMLDefault

Alexander Noack alex at aiesec.wiwi.uni-rostock.de
Thu Sep 18 12:26:44 MST 2003

Thanks Eric, but I do have the 7960 configuered to find its
tftp-server. Thanks to the example XMLDefault.cnf.xml it finds its
callmanager along with the phone images too.

What I am trying to do is to get all the buttons working, and hopefully
direct the phone to some useful "Service/Directory/Idle URL". My hopes
are high to somehow place that information in the Config-XML-file. (I
know it can be done using the SIP-Images)

for reference, I put the relevant part of the XMLDefault.cnf.xml here,
as I found it in the chan_sccp source:

   <member  priority="0">
   <member  priority="1">
 <loadInformation7 model="IP Phone
 <loadInformation124 model="Addon

I am actually using chan_skinny and chan_sccp at the same time (ports
2001 + 2000)...

Again, thanks for any suggestions!


This is included for reference:
> If your Asterisk server is on the same machine as your DHCP
> server then you should not need the .cnf file.  My 7910
> (running SCCP/Skinny) finds my Asterisk server just fine.
> If your DHCP server is not running on the same machine as
> your Asterisk server you may fine this URL to be helpful.
> If talks about how the SCCP phones find their Call Manager.

>> I've spent two days trying to find out something about the
>> format of the default configuration file, which CCM
>> produces. The only example I have so far is the one from
>> the chan_sccp source.

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