[Asterisk-Users] New to asterisk? RUN... don't walk.

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Wed Dec 31 14:24:35 MST 2003

Dear newbies,

    As a newcomer to woodworking, you will not be welcomed with open arms.
First, you will find no documentation on how to make your completely custom
ceiling-height cabinets perfectly the first time that your wife will
appreciate. Second, if you ask any woodworker for assistance, you will be
treated like a fool and your new cabinets will be set aflame and you will be
instructed to experiment with your tool and learn your craft. This worthless
waste of time will only develop you into a competent woodworker able to make
anything you wish. You should go to the furniture store or ask an already
competent person to take care of your cabinetry for you as you have neither
the desire or intelligence. Lastly, your raw material is so bug-ridden, all
your handiwork will prove fruitless. We should all leave it up to the
experts. With a carpentry community so anti-n00b, don't expect your
handbuilt cabinets to be fixed for free by other people with their own
problems who have graciously given their time and knowledge to the rest of
us. You might actually be expected to fix it yourself.

Here's the deal:
    Asterisk is free. If we go with * we will save $50k.
    It does almost anything. I can make it open my garage door. My
installation records all conversations and then archives them as timestamped
stereo MP3s. Our VB windows application can dial out with a click. All for
    It's not done. We are not at v1.0. Mr Spencer is a busy guy.
    It might not solve 'your' problem. We contracted the AgentCallbackLogin
Queue stuff. That part works great. If you want it modified or fixed, pay
for it or do it yourself.
    If you change your own oil, do your own plumbing, have more that 3
computers at home, or have SETI at home running, you are either a
do-it-yourselfer or a geek. Asterisk might be for you. On the other hand, if
you can't change a lightbulb or don't know what a dipstick is and have lots
of money, then pay someone for a phone system.

But please stop whining. I have 3 kids. Gettin' tired of it.

Good day.

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> As a newcomer to Asterisk, you will not be welcomed
> with open arms.  First, you will find almost no
> documentation on it's features.  Second, if you try to
> ask questions, you will be flamed and pointed to
> worthless how-tos and 'the wiki'.  These worthless
> documents can only be useful for explaining how things
> work to those already in-the-know.  Lastly, Asterisk
> is so bug ridden, expect frequent segmentation faults.
>  With a community so 'anti-n00b', don't expect your
> problems to be fixed anytime soon.
> RUN!!! Don't walk... away from Aterisk.
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