[Asterisk-Users] New to asterisk? RUN... don't walk.

CW_ASN cw_asn at fibertel.com.ar
Wed Dec 31 14:05:26 MST 2003

If you are a person who likes all things easy, and if you don't need to know
nothing to be better professional, well, run now, and let us continue our
journey. Who cares? People likes you don't help to our community.



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> As a newcomer to Asterisk, you will not be welcomed
> with open arms.  First, you will find almost no
> documentation on it's features.  Second, if you try to
> ask questions, you will be flamed and pointed to
> worthless how-tos and 'the wiki'.  These worthless
> documents can only be useful for explaining how things
> work to those already in-the-know.  Lastly, Asterisk
> is so bug ridden, expect frequent segmentation faults.
>  With a community so 'anti-n00b', don't expect your
> problems to be fixed anytime soon.
> RUN!!! Don't walk... away from Aterisk.
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