[Asterisk-Users] New to asterisk? RUN... don't walk.

Sean Cheesman scheesman at gdsworks.com
Wed Dec 31 13:46:51 MST 2003

There are many people on this list that are more than happy to help you with
a problem if you know how to ask the question.  But if you've tried to keep
up with this mailing list over any amount of time, you will see how quickly
it becomes frustrating when people ask the same questions over and over
again.  Hence being pointed to the how-to's and the wiki.  Do they answer
every question?  No.  But they cover the most frequently asked.  Do they
answer the question exactly like you'd hope?  Maybe not.  It requires some
thinking.  There are two things you need to remember here.  One, no one on
this list gets paid to help you or anyone else with your problems.  They do
so because they choose to.  Two, Asterisk is open source.  It doesn't cost
you a penny.  If you want "stable" and friendly "ass-kissing" support
personnel, you need to look at a commercial solution.  


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As a newcomer to Asterisk, you will not be welcomed
with open arms.  First, you will find almost no
documentation on it's features.  Second, if you try to
ask questions, you will be flamed and pointed to
worthless how-tos and 'the wiki'.  These worthless
documents can only be useful for explaining how things
work to those already in-the-know.  Lastly, Asterisk
is so bug ridden, expect frequent segmentation faults.
 With a community so 'anti-n00b', don't expect your
problems to be fixed anytime soon. 

RUN!!! Don't walk... away from Aterisk.

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