[Asterisk-Users] Asterisk Web Dialer

James Sharp jsharp at psychoses.org
Wed Dec 31 13:16:55 MST 2003

> I am putting together a solution that will employ the Digium TE410P with
> one T1 going out the PSTN and the other front-ending a PBX. The idea is
> that based on a URL, Asterisk will dial an employee behind the PBX. When
> the employee picks up, Asterisk will dial the customer (detailed in the
> URL). I am assuming Asterisk can work with Apache (through AGI maybe) to
> dial the employee and then connect to the customer via info in the URL
> (or related through some sort of DB lookup). Another requirement will be
> to record the phone call as well.

You could do it through either the Asterisk manager interface or have a
CGI scrip t in your web front end create an auto call file that dials the
employee and runs a second Dial command upon answer.

> I have worked a bit with Asterisk and am very happy with what it can do
> -- and would prefer to stay with Asterisk. The question is, can Asterisk
> handle what my requirements are or would this better be served by
> Bayonne?

Asterisk is better.  Hands down.  No questions.

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