[Asterisk-Users] Anyone, ideas for incoming call management for CRM system

WipeOut wipe_out at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Dec 31 09:21:16 MST 2003

Peer Oliver schmidt wrote:

> Hi,
> we have implemented a first version of call support from a web based 
> system for Asterisk (via the manager interface) and other, callto: and 
> tel:, providers.
> Now I am looking at the other way around. If a call comes in, I want 
> our web based system to automatically detect the number and present 
> the call information to the user.
> Ideas anyone? I guess, I won't be able to get this done without some 
> client specific programming, will I?
> All the best for 2004.
> Best regards
> Peer Oliver Schmidt
> the internet company
Your problem is that as you mentioned your app is web based and web 
based apps don't maintain a connection to the server, once the page is 
loaded the connection is terminated and so there is no way for the 
server to then send new data to the web browser when the call comes in.. 
you would have to somehow get the server to identify the call and then 
get the client to reload the web page in the browser..

This could have isues.. eg if the user is on a call and working on the 
web page and a second call comes in you don't want the page to be 


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